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Drain Clearing Plumber

Drain Clearing

Clog Wizards drain specialists can clear any New London, MD,  drain. Click below to learn more about our New London Drain Clearing services.

Drain Unclogging

Got a drain that needs unclogging? The Clog Wizards New London, MD, drain specialists can get your plumbing flowing again.

Drain Cleaning

Drains can get dirty and grimy over the years. Call the New London, MD, drain cleaning specialists at Clog Wizards for clean and smooth flowing drains.

Hydro Jetting

Clog Wizards, introduces its Hydro Jetting Services, designed to address stubborn clogs and ensure optimal flow within your plumbing systems.

As New London, MD Clogs Disappear, 5-Star Reviews Appear

Why Clog Wizards in New London, MD?

Clog Wizards is a plumbing company specializing in professional drain clearing and unclogging services for New London, MD. We use the latest techniques and technologies to unclog any blockage, whether it’s in a kitchen sink, bathroom tub, or a main line. Our experienced drain specialists can get your drains flowing again quickly and easily.

We have a staff of highly trained plumbing drain specialists with extensive knowledge of drain clearing procedures. They are familiar with all systems and will provide effective solutions to clear stubborn clogs quickly. We use industrial-strength equipment such as rooter machines and hydro jetters to clear lines filled with tree roots or other debris that regular plungers cannot remove.